Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Warrior Princess 1: Sikh Women in Battle: Sikh Women in Battle v. 1

The Warrior Princess 1 ( by Harjit Singh is a book of stories set in 19th Century Punjab. It details stories of ordinary Sikh women living in extraordinary times who had to struggle for survival. The book is suitable for all ages, especially school children for whom it would give an insight into the life of Sikh warriors and give a deeper understanding about some of the aspects of the Sikh religion and its history. A reader of the book commented, "moving, inspirational and absolutely fantastic. Too few books are available in english about the sikh women of the past. That this book is in a class of it's own. the stories are written in such a dynamic way and the excellent illustrations compliment the stories so well." The author Harjit Singh started writing poetry from a young age and this has progressed to writing short stories, of which this book is a great example, being 64 pages long it is an easy read and would be great for bed time stories for children. The book is brilliantly illustrated by Taranjit Singh and Harjit Singh Khera.

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